General elections to slow things down but no retreat for RE

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 21 January 2019

India’s general elections are around the corner. Scheduled date is May and final detailed time-table should be announced soon around early March. There is emerging consensus that no single party is likely to return with majority in the parliament. The increasing possibility…

Sense of déjà vu as RE tenders soar again

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 14 January 2019

In the last six weeks starting December 2018, 22 utility scale tenders aggregating 15,453 MW of capacity have been issued for wind and solar power projects in India. This spree has come as MNRE…

Blockchain adoption needs significant policy shift

Tanmay Sardana | 14 January 2019

The state of Uttar Pradesh is gearing up to apply blockchain technology to the energy sector. In October 2018, UPERC, the state regulator, organized a conference on creation of an eco-system using blockchain technology to explore…

Five charts summarising RE development in 2018

Surbhi Singhvi | 14 January 2019

2018 was the first year to see a dip in RE capacity addition in India. The highest reduction was in wind (-52%), followed by utility scale solar (-29%) but rooftop solar continued to grow healthily (+73%)…

Can ‘power for all’ turn into a reality?

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 07 January 2019

The Indian government’s revised deadline for providing universal electricity access to all households under the SAUBHAGYA scheme lapsed on 31 December, 2018. The scheme portal shows that 24 million households, 97% of the revised target, have been electrified…

The curious case of central and state government tender mix

SANGEETHA SURESH | 31 December 2018

MNRE is reported to have asked states to proactively issue more RE tenders and reduce dependence on central government agencies. MNRE’s advice states that states are better positioned to structure tenders based on their price expectations, offtake requirements and RPO obligations…

2018 – one step forward, two steps backward

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 17 December 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, we take stock of the progress made by the RE sector in the year. After finishing 2017 on a record high, total capacity addition is expected to fall by 32%. The fall is most notable in wind (down 46%), followed by utility scale solar…

Maharashtra bets on agriculture feeder projects

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 10 December 2018

Last year, the state government of Maharashtra had announced a solar agriculture feeder scheme with the aim to solarise such feeders across the state. Under the scheme, developers would be selected through competitive bidding for project sizes up to 50MW…

Rooftop solar needs a new policy paradigm

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 03 December 2018

BRIDGE TO INDIA has just completed the latest round of rooftop solar data compilation exercise. India added new rooftop solar capacity of 1,538 MW in the year ending September 2018, up a remarkable 75% over previous year. Total installed capacity is estimated to have reached 3,399 MW…

Floating solar needs new technical standards

SHIPRA ARORA | 29 November 2018

SECI recently completed auction for India’s first large-scale floating solar plant. The 50 MW project at Rihand dam in Uttar Pradesh was won by Shapoorji Pallonji with a bid of INR 3.29/ kWh. The winning tariff is about 10% higher than observed in respective…

Chinese companies boost their presence in the Indian inverter market

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 26 November 2018

After occupying a dominant position in module supply, the Chinese companies are aggressively expanding their presence in the Indian solar inverter market. Their combined market share in utility scale projects in the latest available 12-month period…

Module industry going through step changes

BRIDGE TO INDIA | 19 November 2018

Global solar demand is expected to fall for the first time ever this year – to about 85-90 GW from 103 GW last year. Most of the leading countries including China, India, US and Japan are reporting significant declines in capacity addition. Result – multi-crystalline module…


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