India Corporate Renewable Brief | Q4 2021

Total corporate renewable power capacity increased by 595 MW in Q4 2021 to reach 19,540 MW by December 2021. Capacity addition in the quarter was split 37:3:60 amongst OA solar, OA wind and rooftop solar, with total capacity estimated to have reached 4,937 MW, 7,667 MW and 6,936 MW respectively.

Figure: Total installed C&I renewable capacity by 31 December 2021, MW

Source: BRIDGE TO INDIA research

Installation activity gathered pace 24% QOQ but execution challenges – rising construction costs, constrained module supply and transmission and duty uncertainty continue to slow down execution.

The report provides a quarterly update on key trends and developments in the C&I renewable market including capacity addition, key players, government policy, tariff trends, financing and equipment prices.

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